‘Beating So Bad I Thought I Was Going To Die’

Jordan Miles

Jordan Miles is an 18-year old viola player and student at CAPA High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who was brutally beaten by the Pittsburgh police on January 11th. He was walking down his street to his grandmother’s when 3 white plainclothes cops jumped out of their car and approached him. Not announcing themselves as cops they chased him down and started beating him with their fists, tree branches, kicks, and used a stun gun on him before finally putting him in handcuffs and charging him with assault and resisting arrest.

The beating left Jordan hospitalized while the 3 pigs who did this to him were simply re-assigned.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 26th) a student walkout is planned at  CAPA High School where Jordan is a viola player and senior. They will march to the city-county building and demonstrate outside. In preparation people gathered outside of CAPA today holding anti-police banners and passing out fliers to crowds of students outside.

This incident shows why the outpouring of community support for the police when they are killed or attacked is self-defeating, embarrassing, and downright traitorous.  The police will continue to beat, rape, and kill with impunity unless we stand up to them and fight back.

And for those that like it when we post these videos, here’s a cop getting a taste of his own medicine.

-On The Prowl News


Officer Frank Tepper
2651 E Elkhart St
Philadelphia, PA 19134
(215) 423-5755

“He executed our son.” – Billy Panas’s father

On the night of November 21st, 2009 21-year-old Billy Panas and his friends were walking to a Chinese restaurant on Elkhart St. in Philadelphia when they stumbled upon a fight in front of the home of off-duty cop Frank Tepper. Billy was in the middle of trying to break up the fight when an enraged Tepper charged into the crowd with a pistol, turned towards Billy, and shot him in the chest at point-blank range. Billy died shortly thereafter.

On November 21st Billy Panas became a part of the ever growing list of young men’s lives stolen by the police in this country. This list grows daily.

On December 6th hundreds of people marched with the Panas family demanding justice for their murdered son. Unsurprisingly, Frank Tepper has remained free without charges. The city of Philadelphia even gave him a cushy desk job while it conducted an investigation. Only recently (almost two full months after the murder) was Tepper suspended from the force pending termination. Criminal charges have yet to be filed.

“The police become necessary in human society only at that junction in society where it is split between those who have and those who aint got.” – Omali Yeshitela

The efforts of Billy’s family to get the District Attorney to charge Tepper with murder are understandable. Their only son was brutally murdered down the street from his house, they obviously want justice. But we can’t forget that the District Attorney, the city, and the police are all members of the same murderous system that has been destroying lives for thousands of years.

Charging Frank Tepper will not bring justice to the streets of Philadelphia.

The only thing that will bring justice to the streets of Philadlephia, and to the streets of all of our cities, is for neighbors, coworkers, family members, everybody in our cities to rise up in resistance to this capitalist system. Fascism, classism, racism is all interlinked. This is not an isolated incident as some might lead you to believe. Frank Tepper was not just some “bad apple”.

We have to abolish the police because of what interests they serve and who they protect. They are the enforcers of the system of domination, a system that must be destroyed at all costs.


Police get what they deserve

– On The Prowl

We have some good and bad news. The bad news is that Doug Sonier, a wannabe MMA fighter and member of the Keystone State Skinheads, only received 12 months probation for making anti-semitic threats against a former Jewish boss of his. He has an upcoming fight scheduled, and its not known at this time if antifascists are going to try and get him taken off the bill or let the show go on as planned so he can get his ass kicked again.We wanted him to get the book thrown at him, but it is what it is.

The good news is that Doug Sonier is still winless. He posts an embarrassing record of 0-8-0, 7 of which ended with him either being knocked out or submitted in under 1:30 into the first round.

His fighting skills, like the fascist views held by groups like the Keystone State Skinheads, are built on a shaky foundation at best. People everywhere who believe in a just world have an obligation to stand up to groups like this who use fear and ignorance to promote views and platforms that attack immigrants, women, queers, and everyone who does not fit into their view of a “normal” white patriarchal society. Lets make 2010 a year that Keith Carney, Steve Smith, Doug Sonier, and other fascists never forget. Let’s bury fascism in the Mid-Atlantic.

-On The Prowl

“Doug Sonier couldn’t grapple his way out of a paper bag inside of a phone booth on a street corner in Manhattan with Helio Gracie as his coach.”

One People’s Project

DOYLESTOWN, PA–Douglass Sonier, the mixed martial arts fighter who is also an associate of neo-Nazi organizations on the East Coast, has been sentenced to 12 months probation on Jan. 5 after pleading guilty to terroristic threats and harassment after leaving a vulgar, anti-Semitic message on his former employer’s cell phone threatening to kill him.

Sonier, 30, also has to pay court costs and is ordered to stay away from his former employer his residence and his family, per the conditions of his probation. He left the message after being fired and receiving his final paycheck with deductions for a tool he was accused of stealing.

According to court records, Sonier began working in July 2008 as an electrician, but after a few weeks his poor work performance became a concern, costing the company thousands of dollars and lost time. He was terminated by his employer, who is Jewish, citing not only poor work performance but also that he had stolen tools from one co-worker as well as a drill bit worth $50. He received his last paycheck with the deductions for the drill bit, which prompted him to call his employer in the early morning hours of Aug. 1. “You Jew motherfucker,” Sonier said in the message, “I’ll knock your shylock motherfuckin’ nose off kike bitch! I’ll kill you!”

The employer, was concerned about Sonier because of his ties to neo-Nazi groups such as Florida’s the Hated, Maryland “Skinheads” (MDS) and Keystone United (formerly known as Keystone State “Skinheads”, KU) and because he worked at night leaving his wife and young daughter home alone. According to a statement written by the employer, he also called his black co-workers racial slurs and threatened his job foreman. Sonier later admitted to the employer that he made the call in anger over the paycheck but did not recall threatening to kill him.

Sonier has a long criminal record dating back to 1999 and stretching across four states. He has been incarcerated in New Jersey on charges of burglary and escape, later to be arrested for drunk driving assault and several other offenses.

Sonier’s affiliations with neo-Nazi groups has caused some controversy when he attempts to compete in mixed martial arts tournaments. He has been denied several fights, the most recent being the first legalized MMA competition in Maryland on Oct. 24. Anti-racist activists flyered the neighborhood he was last known to reside with his wife Cathy and four children on that day. Having been evicted a month before, he and his wife were also arrested on that day for breaking into their old apartment. It is not known if the arrest took place before or after the flyering. They now live in a predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhood on Tioga Ave. in Philadelphia.

Sonier (0-8-0) has fought three times since Oct. 24, losing each bout. He is reportedly scheduled to fight again on Feb. 6, which will be on internet pay-per-view, and on Feb. 27 at the Arena in South Philadelphia against Brylan Vanartsdalen. It is unclear if Matrix Fights, which is promoting the Feb. 27 bout, knows of Sonier’s neo-Nazi affiliation or if it is of any concern. In a Dec. 2009 interview, Sonier said that he had left the groups behind in 2007, saying, “Basically I saw the ignorance.” Sonier however has been seen in the company of his old colleagues numerous times, most recently during the “Leif Erickson Day Celebration” sponsored by Keystone United on Oct. 10 at Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row.

From Mike Boda of the Pittsburgh Grassroots Examiner.

History is nothing but a pack of tricks that we play upon the dead.

Perhaps it is the world-view that focuses on conspiracy, as opposed to history, or just a product of the same half-assed Disney versions of US history that we are taught in textbooks, but the big-name private-plane populists seem to enjoy  success when they pluck some random figure or group from the past, strip away any and all context, and “re-branded” for their purposes. Thus, both the first-strike nuclear weapon and the vigilantes who “defend” the imaginary line that separates the US from Mexico are Minutemen. Forget for a moment that many of the original Minutemen were immigrants themselves and contrary to their name, the Plymouth Minutemen were unable to muster in time to actually participate in the slaughter of the Pequot people who were the actual native born inhabitants of that part of what we call “New England.” The historical requirement that Minutemen be under the age of 30 would also disqualify the vast majority of xenophobic retirees, too white and cranky for golf courses, who currently claim the name.

Right-wing entertainers routinely quote life-long, democratic socialist George Orwell out of context, often confusing his criticism of totalitarian systems of governance as praise. The extreme-right fascism of the last century is considered a left-wing ideology by the people who allow pop culture icons to handle their critical thinking duties for them. Comedian and talk show host Glenn Beck considers himself to be an avatar of Thomas Paine, of all people. Never mind that Paine was a atheist deist (thanks to all the readers who pointed that out-MB) and honorary French citizen who favored estate taxes, public education, government work programs, progressive taxation to pay for a welfare state, liberation for women, animal rights, and was a vocal opponent of capital punishment and torture. All of which are issues which the Mormon, Beck has made a fortune opposing. Other than those minor details, Beck and Paine are pretty much the same person. If Beck and his producers do not consider the consumers of his half-baked nonsense to be really stupid and gullible, they certainly have a funny way of showing it. Lacking excuses, right-wing academics are even worse.

Had Massachusetts Colony Governor Thomas Hutchinson and the other Loyalists to the British Crown, who composed 15-20% of the white-skinned colonists, managed to convince rank-and-file colonists to help the East India Company offload the contentious tea from their ships while babbling “Support the Redcoats,” then the choice of “Tea Party” to describe the efforts by right-wing political operatives and entertainers to create the impression of a “grassroots political movement” would have been much more appropriate. The folks who are willing to pose with firearms for the benefit of corporate lobbyists and reactionary politicians have at least as much in common with the tarred-and-feathered Tories who favored the status quo, as any rebellious advocate of revolution. The religious right who continue to call for a return to the days of Puritans and Pilgrims would not be required to make any changes whatsoever.

If anything, the use of disguises and the destruction of private property that marked the original Boston Tea Party are more in line with the tactics of the masked anarchists who smashed windows at the 1999 World Trade Organization protests or the recent G-20 actions. This connection was not lost on the anarchists opposed to the 2004 invasion of Boston by the Democratic National Committee who dubbed themselves the Bl(A)ck Tea Society, the color black having long been associated with anarchists, and identifying with the disguised property destroyers of yore. Unless of course, you discount the notion that right-wing political operatives are always on the lookout for new dirty tricks to oppose the election of  Democratic party candidates, one has to wonder if the GOP political action committees and corporate lobbyists took a cue from this coalition?

The appropriation of Boston Tea Party imagery after it was borrowed by anarchists, pales in comparison to the outright theft and subsequent decades spent capitalizing and desecrating the word “libertarian.” Given the right-wing aversion to the historical, it should come as little surprise that the capital “L” libertarians, those Trekkies of US electoral politics, the “‘anarchists’ who want police protection from their slaves,” continue to labor under the impression that they invented that word. Imagine Joseph Goebbels, fuming with shrill indignation at the ancient Brahmans who had the nerve to use the swastika symbol for thousands of years, and that should give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of rebuking that the Ron Paul cult engages in when reminded that everywhere but the US, and even here until the early 1970s, “libertarian” (Wikipedia revisonism aside) meant “anarchist.

Take so-called Dallas Libertarian Examiner Garry Reed’s amusing piece of historical fiction Calling all Stalinist-Jeffersonian-Bozoian Libertarians:

Apparently it’s becoming ever more popular to create crossbred mutant coercive philosophies and then attempt to smuggle them into unsuspecting minds by incorporating the “libertarian” label.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who was the first person to identify as an anarchist on paper, famously declared that “property is theft” and anarchist-communist, Joseph Dejauque, could probably not agree more, as these French anarchists had both used the word “libertarian” as a synonym for “anarchist,” in 1858. Oxymoron pipe-dreams of ‘anarcho-‘ capitalism were still more than a century away.

Monday came the announcement that earlier in the month a Danish group founded Libertære Socialister, translating literally to “Libertarian Socialists” and describes itself as oriented towards “syndicalist, anarcho-communist and collectivist anarchist currents.”

A passing familiarity with 19th century history would have made this “development” much less surprising. Anarchist ideas and thinkers are and were present in the social-democratic Scandinavian countries, who were frequent hosts of exiled revolutionaries. The most prolific of the late 19th century Danish libertarian writers was Jean-Jaques Ipsen, who collaborated with the Norwegian anarchist, Hans Jaeger, the founder of Copenhagen’s first anarchist social center.

The Freetown of Christiania, an autonomous community in Denmark is approximately the same age as the US ‘Libertarian’ party. Folkets Hus (The House of the People) built in 1897 as a non-sectarian resource for the labor movement, and was later renamed Ungdomshuset (The Youth House) functioned as an anarchist social center from 1982 until it was violently closed and demolished by the Danish state in 2007.

At its simplest, libertarianism means maximizing freedom for all and minimizing government intrusions into the affairs of free and sovereign individuals. The anarchist form of that means total freedom and zero government. To all libertarians it means uncoerced, voluntary interactions amongst people. It means free trade, free travel, free thought. It means capitalism in its individual, non-government corporatist form.

Actually, that is what ‘libertarianism’ means to a handful of stoned US conservatives, who are too high or edgy or something to do the honest thing and call themselves Goldwater Republicans, otherwise it remains a synonym for “anarchism.” Capitalism remains a form of coercion, backed by the violence of the State, a violence that is administered by bureaucrats known as  “police” and “military,” which are coincidentally the only parts of the State considered to be worth preserving by the US Libertarian party. Corporatism? As in that which freedom-loving Benito Mussolini may or may not have said, “fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Apparently Mr. Reed thinks that the US needs more of this?

So why can’t these people be content with just calling themselves Socialists or Communists or Syndicalists and quit pretending to be libertarians?

Because anarchists came up with the word in the 1850s and some Republicans took it in the 1970s and decided that it should mean something else?

The answer, apparently, is that more and more people are seeing the spreading popularity of libertarian ideals and want to twist the concept to further their own ends, which inevitably includes hoodwinking the unwary.

That is correct, anarchist or libertarian ideas have become more popular as State and Capital and twisted combinations of the two speed towards their illogical conclusions. Theocratic showbiz types such as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have further twisted the concept to hoodwink the unwary in a effort to create plausible deniability of their roles as orthodox, partisan hand puppets.

While libertarians will always tolerate voluntary collectivists, those same collectivists will never tolerate libertarians.

So c’mon people, if your philosophy is so great why don’t you just call it what it is and stop trying to smuggle it into people’s minds by pretending that it’s something else?

And that goes for American progressives, too. When will you admit that your beliefs can’t possibly work unless they’re forced onto everyone by the power of the government’s gun?

No person can ever legitimately claim the name “libertarian” without first curing oneself of the obsessive-compulsive disease of power lust, commonly known as “initiation of force.”

The conservatives who attempt to pretend they are anarchists should “just call it what it is and stop trying to smuggle it into people’s minds by pretending that it’s something else.” They should not be surprised that anarchists or libertarians would be intolerant of their desire to steal the fruits of the labor of others and call it “profit.” Accumulation of capital is impossible without an “initiation of force” and therefore capitalists and the would-be capitalists in the amen corner can never legitimately claim the name “libertarian.”

Not even when they capitalize the “L.”

Dan Clore’s excellent response to Garry Reed’s recent columns about the “l” word: A Real “Libertarian” Bozo

Almost a month late. We heard about this when it happened  but were reminded about it in the latest issue of Atubes, an online publication put out by Anarchist News. Its good to hear Washington D.C. is still holding it down. This is one of many solidarity actions that have happened across the region in solidarity with the Greek Insurrection that we have written about.

In Greece the police murdered a 15 year old boy last year and unlike here in the states, people actually stood up for themselves and did something about it. Let’s try our hardest to do the same here.

-On The Prowl

Around 3am on December 8th, two bricks shattered the window of the Greek Embassy at 2228 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. This action was taken in solidarity with those who have taken to the streets in Greece on the recent anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

The recent socialist government has shown through its use of state repression that is no different in character from the right wing government that took Grigoropoulos’s life. State power, regardless of who wields it will be used to repress and murder , and we will never be free of this violence until we’ve dismantled the rule of state and capital, and confront the roots of power and hierarchy wherever they manifest themselves.
[We confront you with brick and manifesto. Sucka!]

We mean to demonstrate that the uprising in Greece, the acts of building and defending autonomous spaces have been an inspiration not only to those in Europe, but the whole world over. With these bricks thrown we’ve made the Greek embassy in Washington, D.C. better reflect the current landscape on the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki. Let this serve as a reminder to those who hold power, whether their offices are in Athens or Washington, D.C. that their time to murder and silence the voices of resistance has come to an end.

In solidarity,

The Washington D.C. Beautification Project

Free Movement, Reaction and the Fascist State: Critical Questions for the Patriot Movement

By Phoenix Insurgent

Everywhere the right to free movement is under attack. Cameras now track our travels from our workplaces to our roads to our neighborhoods to our schools, stretching all the way from the border to the county jail. The cameras on public transportation and outside private businesses increasingly make free, anonymous travel – a fundamental ingredient to a free society – very difficult if not impossible.

Had these conditions prevailed in Revolutionary times, would the war have turned in Britain’s favor instead? Would revolutionaries like Tom Paine have been able to agitate and organize? In slavery days, would such a surveillance state have prevented the Underground Railroad? If the Dixieland border had been as well spied on would the Abolitionists have been able to stage their anti-slavery raids into the authoritarian slavocracy? Whither then, John Brown and Harriet Tubman? What about Frederick Douglass and his daring escape to freedom in the North? If the border had been so well watched, would indigenous resistance have been able to hold out so long against white settlement? Where would Geronimo have gone when escaping the swords and bullets of the US Cavalry? Where would Ricardo Flores Magón have planned his Mexican insurrection?

At the same time an increasingly unaccountable and sophisticated (and automated) computer/police network accumulates and analyzes the data collected, without even the need for a human to directly oversee the emerging Panopticon. Computerization, generally immune from criticism in popular dialog, has shifted immense power into the hands of the elite under the cover of friends and family plans, YouTube hits and MySpace friend requests. This network increasingly permeates even our very social circles, using our cell phones, GPS systems and internet searches to compile vast amounts of data on our movements, our politics, our interests and our friends. The integration of police and elite power increases daily. As it grows, our ability to project our own autonomous power against their tyranny diminishes. And we become less free.

Before the Civil War, being a Black person headed North not only raised suspicion, but it was enough to get you rounded up and sent home if you didn’t have the correct papers with you. If you were a slave, your owner (boss) had to provide you with written permission to travel –- a permission that you yourself probably couldn’t read. What’s more, white males were required in the South to serve on slave patrols, rounding up suspect Blacks. In exchange for serving on those patrols, whites in the South got certain privileges, including relative immunity from police harassment and, importantly, freedom from slavery. It was a devil’s bargain, though, because the Southern slave system over all was a bad deal for all the poor of the South, whether Black or white (or Native). It kept vast tracts of lands centralized in a minority of very wealthy plantation owners’ hands.

As the country expanded West, the systems for control of movement spread as well. The first ID’s were issued to Chinese laborers. The first police fingerprint database was organized in San Francisco to regulate the movement and employment of these workers. Not long after, the bureaucracy began absorbing Indigenous people as well, despite their many centuries of resistance. It’s worth remembering that for many Native fighters, the Mexican border served as a base from which to gather their energies as they planned the next wave of resistance to the controls of the growing centralized American state.

One wonders if the patriot movement (by which I mean that general conglomeration of Constitutionalist and Libertarian activists who take a position against American state & corporate power and its imperial interventions abroad) will soon rue the day it backed beefed up border enforcement, not least of all because those prisons and FEMA camps (and, yes, even Sheriff Joe’s tents) can hold more than just immigrants, but also because they may in the not too far off future find themselves pining for the days of open borders and Mexican sanctuary from the fascist attacks of the US government. As we learn from the East German experience, those walls can just as easily keep people in. And as we saw in Eastern Europe in general, the euphoria of the attack on the walls and checkpoints was an integral part of the struggle that brought down the totalitarian communist bureaucracy. Here we are twenty years out from the collapse of those regimes, focused as they were on controlling movement, and yet the patriot movement has forgotten those lessons.

Repeating history in the segregated Arizona territory, poor immigrant whites – many fleeing the repressive dictatorships of Europe and often traveling thousands of miles in the process — frequently sided with rich white landowners, expelling Mexican families and seizing their lands, some of which had been held for centuries. This cross-class alliance is a hallmark of American history. Not all whites followed this pattern though. The Saint Patrick Battalion, for instance, famously switched sides during the Mexican-American War, opposing the imperialist expansion into the Southwest and joining the Mexican side.

Likewise, as mentioned before, Abolitionists of all colors supported free movement for escaping slaves as a way to attack the corrupt slave society of the South. It would have been absurd to think that the fight against slavery would have been aided by returning Douglass to the tyranny of the Southern slave dictatorship merely to satisfy the demands of the laws that regulated movement in those days. Indeed, it wasn’t the deported slave, sent back in chains to her master that toppled the Southern slave system; it was the returning freedman, armed and marching home, combining with the general strike of slaves deserting their posts, that sounded the death knell for the slavocracy. In that context, it says a lot that so many anti-immigrant activists today suggest closing the border as a means of attacking the corrupt Mexican state, rather than seeking a free movement of people and revolutionary ideas between the two countries.

Indeed, the patriot movement has a real solidarity problem in general, and it tends to founder precisely on the shores of the whiteness. Where are the patriots when the cops or the sheriff’s deputies shoot yet another unarmed black person or detain a poor, Mexican worker? Where is the outrage of the patriot movement as the settler government imposes a police state on Tohono O’odham land where, under the very same excuse of the patriot movement’s desired expansion of border control, all brown people are suspect and must run the gauntlet of border patrol checkpoints? The same multi-nationals that the patriot justly denounces likewise displace and extract in Indian Country, but where is the outrage? Wackenhut and FEMA practice on immigrants, shipping them to and imprisoning them in private prisons, and yet the patriot movement is blind to the monster that they are creating. To think this apparatus of state oppression will not soon be used on all of us who oppose the increasingly fascist American empire is more than naive, it reflects the adherence of the patriot movement, perhaps unconscious in many cases, to the ideology of white privilege.

When it comes to the movement of people across the border, so many patriots, like so many Mexicans, demand change in Mexico. But if patriots want revolution in Mexico so badly, where is their material and financial support for such movements, many of which exist today to choose from. I’m reminded of one white patriot who I saw marching up and down a line of mostly Mexican protesters about four years ago aggressively yelling, “Not here! I’ll march with you in Mexico City, but not here!” What made him think that he could march with them in Mexico City, for one thing? But what explained his myopia to the fact that perhaps they were marching not just for themselves in Phoenix, but also for him? Was he not to benefit from their demands for freedom from persecution and controls on movement as well?

This solidarity problem reveals the true contradiction: As it now stands, much of the patriot movement demands not an end to fascism, but an exemption from the fascism that it demands for others. This is typical of white populist movements in the US throughout history. As I have previously pointed out, for instance in the case of the anti-speed camera resistance in Arizona, we see this manifest in the ways that local patriot activists organize. Underlying the support for increased policing but abolition of cameras is an inherent recognition of the general immunity from policing that whiteness represents in general. That is, that some forms of policing of movement tend to come down harder on whites, because of their equal opportunity nature, than others. Given the choice, rather than challenge both the police AND the cameras, the white patriot movement would rather keep the tried and true thin blue line, just like the Southern whites preferred the slave patrols to the abolition of slavery.

In a real way, what we see in American history when it comes to movement is that it’s okay for some, but not for others. And generally what we notice is that whites, even poor and working class whites, tend to feel entitled to free movement for themselves at the same time that they oppose it for others. Perhaps there exists no better example of this in Arizona politics than local rich daddy trust fund, working class poseur Rusty Childress, who for so long backed the anti-immigrant movement (financially as well as offering up his inherited car dealership as a place for organizing meetings) at the same time that he posted photos from his Mexican beach vacations on his personal web page. Anti-immigrant patriots falsely defended his inherited wealth as the result of hard work while justifying attacks on Mexicans of their own class who struggled under far worse conditions than the lucky sperm club that gifted Childress a life of privilege. This kind of class treason can only be explained by the cross-class alliance of whiteness.

But what is whiteness? Whiteness is not necessarily the color of your skin. It’s a political relationship between rich people and other, largely European-descended, classes of society. In reality, it’s a cross-class alliance in which people who are considered white agree that rather than upset the apple cart that is the disparity of wealth and power in the United States (think “Goldman Sachs”) that they will accept several privileges to the exclusion of others. So whites, as a result of taking this bargain, receive real benefits. This doesn’t make them rich like Goldman Sachs, but it does give them a substantial leg up on others in terms of a whole host of social indicators, from decreased imprisonment to increased lifespan and family wealth. In addition, whites agree to accept those privileges in exchange for agreeing to the reduced status of other peoples not included in the deal. As part of that, whites further agree to police that status, whether through law enforcement or through paramilitary or vigilante organizations (the Klan, the White Caps, the Minutemen, etc). In attempting to defend their class position, they instead defend their racial privilege.

In this sense, without conscious action to the contrary, the political activity of whites tends to default to a distorted class war, manifesting in the defense of whiteness rather than an attack on the elite that controls wealth and power in the US. This is a problem not just because it grants one group of people a undeserved status above others, but even more importantly because it is a flawed strategy for going after the elites that own the lion’s share of the country’s wealth, to the exclusion of everyone else who produces it in the first place. Organizing in ways that reinforce white supremacy necessarily fractures the working class, and working class power is the way to attack the elite class. If the patriot movement ever truly wants to go after the big money bankers and capitalists that live lives of luxury at our expense, they need to fix their solidarity problem. They need to find common cause with peoples struggles in a way that attacks rather than reinforces white privilege.

The struggle for free movement is a defining characteristic of American history and, with few exceptions, that freedom has been defined by the politics of whiteness. Who can move and who cannot, and who will be displaced and who will not? When movements have defied this tendency, great things have happened. Slavery was abolished. The power of the bosses to force us into the factories was shaken at its core. Segregation was smashed. The domination of women was challenged and the sexual freedom that most Americans now take for granted proliferated. Our power to define our lives autonomously from the arbitrary power of Capital and the State grew in each of these instances.

Will the patriot movement learn these historical lessons? Will they realize that their future is tied up, not oppositional to, the futures of the rest of the working class, no matter from where they come, white or otherwise? Will they recognize that in order to get to Goldman Sachs we have to attack white supremacy? Given the continuing collapse of the economy, and the historical tendency of movements of reaction to emerge from whites under these kinds of conditions, this is precisely the dare that stands before them today.

As it is now, many in that movement have chosen the wrong side in the immigration debate, opting to attack the working class rather than uniting against the elite assault on it. But opportunities for solidarity that challenge this system of white privilege abound, so will the patriot movement recognize them for what they are and abandon the reactionary path that they have for the most part so far taken? Time will tell. But as it now stands, their contradictory position on free movement puts them in opposition to working class power and, therefore, in defense of the capitalist and bureaucratic elite. Regardless of how many Ron Paul evocations to “REVOLUTION” it chants, this puts the patriot movement firmly in a position much more like that of the undertaker of the revolution than those undertaking genuine revolutionary struggle. That has to change if they hope to put the undead society under which we all now suffer in its well-deserved grave.

It is with happiness that we bring you the news of a new chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network being formed, Hub City ARA. Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the group recently affiliated with the ARA Network, which is known for its combat against fascist and racist groups for over 20 years.

ARA has been an extremely influential organization that started in the skinhead and punk subcultures in the late 1980’s and since then has organized in hundreds of cities worldwide. They are known for their effective tactics that drive right-wing organizations off of the streets and for their comprehensive theory on fascism.

ARA has been involved in numerous campaigns throughout the years, fighting the National Alliance, the NSM, and generally helping to dismantle most open neo-Nazi groups that have come to the forefront of the white power scene. They also regularly combat homophobic and anti-woman groups using tactics that include mass marches, home demonstrations, and physically defending abortion clinics from Christian fundamentalists.

The formation of Hub City ARA builds our power as an anti-fascist movement in the Mid-Atlantic and increases our capacity to combat groups such as the Keystone State “Skinheads” and Maryland “Skinheads”. While we fight these groups we must not forget that our energy should also be used to combat the police, capitalism, and all systems of domination in place in our society that are re-inforced by these organizations. Below is the announcement from Hub City. If you like what they are about and what we are about, try and get in contact with anti-fascists and anti-authoritarians near you! A good place to start is Anti-Racist Action. That website has a listing of all of their chapters and contact information. You can also keep an eye out on this blog, or other sites like Infoshop News or Anarchist News.

We’ll see you in the streets!!
-On The Prowl

WE EXPOSE active racist, fascist, anti-gay, and anti-woman individuals and groups in Central NJ and the surrounding area. We won’t allow our enemies to plan their war on us in secret.

WE OPPOSE their events, meetings, fundraising measures, and media outlets. Fascism must be smashed every time it rears its head. They have a political agenda that must be combated politically.

WE CONFRONT nazis, fundamentalist reactionaries, sexists, and all manner of fascists. This is our community and we will defend it from incursion by divisive, violent bigots. They have a physical agenda that must be met physically.

WE EDUCATE our communities and ourselves by spreading a positive anti-racist, pro-queer, pro-woman, pro-migrant youth culture. Liberation is a beautiful thing.

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The past few days Greece has been rocked by mass demonstrations and street battles commemorating the 1-year anniversary of the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15-year old boy shot and killed by a policeman in Athens. The shooting sparked a popular attempt at insurrection in that country, and rioting and demonstrations spread to other European nations and across the world.

The response to the shooting was in part a culmination of years of momentum gained by the strong anarchist movement in Greece, which is well known for taking advantage of Greek law banning police from entering universities following the uprising against the military government in 1973.

This is a part of a continuing piece that has been published that we felt was interesting.


A squatter from Thessaloniki

On Saturday we received word of Alexis’ death by phone. Five hundred people met in the university at once. In the meeting we shared the information we had, but it didn’t end so well. We couldn’t agree on what to do, and we broke in half. The smaller half stayed around the university for hit and run fighting, and the larger half marched down Egnatia, the main street of Thessaloniki, to smash all the banks and luxury shops. I was in this second group. There were also small groups of friends all over the city hitting specific targetsâۥbanks, police stations, et cetera. But this strategy, or lack of strategy, worked quite well, because the police had to divide their forces and they didn’t know what to expect. A lot were near the university, fighting with the students there and defending the construction site for the new metro, so on Egnatia we didn’t find any cops. We had the streets to ourselves.

Another thing: we started with 300 people, setting out from Kamara, and we came back with 500. Because people on the streets were joining us. They weren’t afraid because we were doing it calmly. Yes, we were angry, we were very pissed off about the death of Alexis, but we kept ourselves under control.

The banks had to be smashed, so we smashed them, but we did it calmly. One window, CRASH, next window, CRASH, here’s someone who is afraid, okay, come over here, we’ll move them out of the way, and then we get the next window. So no one had reason to be afraid of us, they sympathized with what we were doing and felt they could join us, so they joined us. Just normal people on the streets.

In some countries there is a critique of nonviolence. In Greece there is a critique of violence. But it’s a very black and white issue. Everyone understands it is a part of the struggle, but some don’t like it and others love it. There’s no middle position. If you tell people you’re in the middle they get confused. But I’m in the gray area. I think it’s necessary to be careful with the violence. I don’t say not to use it, of course you have to use it, but do it calmly, without losing control. You have to be calm. And you can do it this way at any level, no matter what degree of violence you’re using.

Because we were calm people joined us on Saturday night and we came back with more people. We walked down Egnatia, attacked the police station, with a variety of ammunitions, you know, and then we returned by the same street, smashing the shops a second time.

On the first day we didn’t really understand what was happening. After the second day students were everywhere, setting dumpsters on fire, attacking capitalist targets. They just came from everywhere and started doing it on their own. I see two explanations for this: one is that they were doing what they saw on the television. The other is that have a subconscious hatred for the mechanisms that were destroying their lives.

The media were so dramatic in how they covered the riots, I think it’s one of the reasons people started joining a few days later. But by the fourth or fifth day, the national media realized they were destabilizing the situation, and they tried to censor their coverage. They didn’t show any more arsons, they didn’t show masses of people fighting with police, and they prohibited the phrase “student riots.” But the foreign media were more honest, and they were very interested in these riots, so after that Greece got all its coverage of the riots from the international channels. By coincidence there had been this conference in Athens about the role of the media in democracy, so all the international press was already in the country when the fighting started. The media were confused because they couldn’t understand the general feeling and they messed it up really well.

After the students came the hooligans, and after the hooligans came the immigrants, and after the immigrants every exploited person came out on the streets. You could see yuppies with ties burning banks and grandmas and grandpas attacking the police for gassing the children.

During these days there were six or seven major demonstrations, really big ones. The first contained about 3000 people. Each of these demos destroyed a different part of the city. And all this time, there were small groups hitting the banks and attacking the police stations again and again. This is no exaggerationâۥat 5 o’clock if there was an attack on a police station, there would be another attack, by another group of people, at four past five. The cops were terrified, shouting, almost crying on their radios, yelling for back-up, thinking they were going to be burned to death.

The Park of Alexis Grigoropoulos

On Saturday, 7 March, 1000 people converged on a vacant lot that for years had been surrounded by metal construction barriers several meters high, stealing the space from public view and public use. Going on fifteen years, the city government had promised to turn the lot into a park and still had done nothing. Recently the owner of the property, which was valued at 9 million euros, decided to retract their offer to allow a park there and were formulating plans for construction. A confluence of neighborhood residents and anarchists from all over Athens acted first. In one day they tore down the metal barriers and began the process of creating a park, ripping up the asphalt, building benches and planting trees. One of the participants tells with glee: “For years there had been these walls here, no one was used to thinking that there was an empty space behind them. And the day we tore it down, you see neighbors walking by, they come upon this open space and start looking around them, checking the street signs—they were lost in their own neighborhood. We transformed this place.” A visitor exclaimed: “You know what the best part is? It’s seeing all the old people look at the park and how happy they are.” “No,” interrupted a Greek anarchist. “The best thing is that we fucked the city out of 9 million euros.”

We saw this story over on One Peoples Project about a mixed martial arts clothing company called Hoelzer Reich. Apparently they have been using Nazi and other WW2 imagery on their merch, which is probably just another attempt by openly racist and fascist groups to get a foothold in the MMA scene. They haven’t been doing a very good job. The video below is white supremacist and former Maryland Skinheads associate Doug Sonier getting his ass handed to him once again; his record is 0-6-0 for those who didn’t know.

Doug is also an associate of the Keystone State Skinheads, a neo-Nazi group based in Eastern Pennsylvania known for using violence against opponents and in-fighting.  Their main organizer, Keith Carney, is a former gutter punk and prison inmate who tries to pass himself off as a law-abiding citizen to make his white supremacist beliefs look less disgusting. He and his group are also known for taking bottles across the face and being chased off street corners by groups such as the Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective.

Story from OnePeoplesProject.com:


Strikeforce and Zuffa LLC won’t see eye-to-eye on many things, but when it comes to banning the controversial California-based Hoelzer Reich apparel company, both organizations have agreed that there is no place in their respective promotions for them.

So a day after Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC and WEC, told Maggie Hendricks of Yahoo!’s CageWriter.com that they have banned their fighters from wearing Hoelzer Reich apparel during the fights, Strikeforce director of communications Mike Afromowitz informed FanHouse on Wednesday that the San Jose-based organization laid down the same law.

“We will not permit our fighters to wear this type of apparel in our cage,” Afromowitz said. “Strikeforce will not tolerate any offensive behavior at any location or at any time by its fighters.”

Hoelzer Reich has been a hot topic in the MMA world for several weeks now, but the situation reached a boiling point when UFC lightweight fighter Joe Brammer was seen wearing their apparel during Saturday night’s The Ultimate Fighter Finale broadcast on Spike TV. Strikeforce airs its events on Showtime and CBS.

While the clothing company has repeatedly denied having any affiliation with Nazism, the fact remains that the symbolism used in their shirts resembles many of the imagery commonly associated with Nazi Germany.

Jamie Vine, a co-owner of Hoelzer Reich, issued a statement on the company’s Web site, denying affiliation with any kind of hate group and looking to clear the air, but it appears as though when it comes to the MMA world, the damage has already been done.

“The iron cross we use seems to be the focus of much criticism, however, it is a symbol of courage, honor, and leadership. The imagery and symbols we have chosen to use in our clothing line were chosen and referenced from several German and Prussian Military themes, based on our interest of WW1 and WW2 Germany. The Iron Cross, the Prussian Helmet, the German Military collar, and the Peaked Cap are some of the images we referenced. We [of course] removed any swastika’s and ‘SS’ bolts, for the meaning of the German / Prussian soldier to us represents strength & honor, the theme of our line.

” … Over the last few weeks, we have realized that the general public’s sensitivity to our clothing line that has some references of historical German imagery has offended some people, and caused them to make quite the fuss about it on the forums, leading to quite the discussion in the MMA community. The imagery that we reference dates back hundreds of years before Nazi Germany, and we did not realize that the brief association some of the imagery had with Nazi Germany over 70 years ago would still be so sensitive to so many people. Bottom line: we NEVER meant to offend ANYONE. We do not support the Neo Nazi “cause,” nor do we promote any racist ideologies.”

The company used to sponsor WEC fighter Donald Cerrone and Strikeforce’s Lyle Beerbohm, among others, but have since removed all images of them wearing their shirts on their Web site. As of Wednesday morning, the only fighter’s image on their Web site is that of Marcus Sursa.

The MMA community, particularly those online, should be very proud of themselves today. They, not the organizations, were the first to recognize that they were uncomfortable with the images being associated with the clothing company and they screamed loud enough until the executives in charge took action.

This is a dope piece, no overusing of school words to make it confusing. -ed

All quotations are from the Theses On The Imaginary Party (1999) by Tiqqun.

“The Imaginary Party is the party that tends to become real, incessantly.”

On January 29th, 2009, someone shot a laser beam at an airplane. It happened in a town called Burien, just north of the Sea-Tac International Airport. Twelve planes reported being hit with a focused beam of green light during their takeoff and landings. The police immediately began to look for the perpetrators but were unable to find any suspects.

After the initial burst of activity, there was a brief pause. But it continued to happen at random over the next month. In March of 2009, the police arrested Christopher C. Saunders for allegedly shining a green laser at a plane. The owners of a horse that Saunders had been shining a laser at during a party called and informed the police about his behavior. After being arrested, his bail was set at 100,000 dollars. He was charged and held on suspicion of unlawful discharge of a laser. When questioned by the police, Saunders told them he was at a party and was shining a green laser in multiple directions, including the neighbor’s horse. He told them there was a chance he may have ‘lasered’ an airplane on accident. Before being arrested, he handed over the green pen-laser he had been carrying the night of the party. After holding him for 3 days, the police released Saunders due to lack of concrete evidence. Christopher Saunders was 24 at the time of his arrest.

It is very easy to imagine the party in question. Everyone is 19-26 years of age and very drunk. Most of the people in the suburban house have jobs or are actively looking for one. None of them owns a house. They drink on into the night as the planes constantly fly overhead. Suddenly, one of partiers takes out a laser-pen and starts shining it haphazardly in all directions. Everyone laughs as a green light begins to hit random people in the face. Perhaps the laser is accidentally cast upwards at the landing airplanes. Or maybe intentionally. It is irrelevant to the purposes of this article. What matters is the one moment at the party, filled with laughter. Everyone surrounding Christoper C. Saunders watches him as he fires his laser. None of them know that in that moment, with green light leaping up from the ground, Christopher became a member of the unseen, invisible and imaginary enemy of every system: the Imaginary Party.

“The adversary no longer carries the name of enemy, but in revenge they are placed outside the law and outside of humanity for having broken and disturbed the peace.”

Despite the arrest and release of Saunders, the lasers continued to hit airplanes. For a brief moment, the system thought it had found the culprit. The media began to construct a story about a petty criminal who had been in jail twice before the age of 20. It appeared that the unseen enemy was taking on form. Christoper C. Saunders. Resident of Burien. Age 24. The system was ready to turn him into an example of what would happen to others. But when Saunders was exonerated, the system was once again left with nothing but an invisible enemy shooting lasers into the sky. To this day, no one has been arrested and no planes have crashed.

During the initial period of hysteria surrounding the laser discharging, the authorities stated to the public that anyone caught shooting a laser at a plane would be charged as a terrorist. It is unclear whether or not the people involved in giving these warnings actually believed the perpetrators to be bona fide terrorists. Nevertheless, if anyone were to be caught, it would be up to them to prove that they were not terrorists.


The neighborhoods around Sea-Tac International Airport are vast expanses of boredom. The houses all have decently large yards, the blocks are all identical rectangles, the strip malls are sometimes within walking distance but always reachable by car. Metro Transit buses will get you to downtown Seattle in over an hour. There is very little to do besides go from house to job, job to store, store to house, house to bar, bar to house. A 16 year old boy and girl consumed with boredom and possessing a laser-pen might look up from these lamp-lit neighborhood streets and see the familiar airplanes flying above. It would only be a matter of time before they decided to use their lasers, especially on the planes which never stop arriving and never stop departing. To the teenagers, this is a playful act. To the system, it is an act of war. The war we see everyday is a war between two forces. One is real, with its own police and media and army. The other is imaginary and nonexistent, composed entirely of individuals who do not know they are a part of it. The Imaginary Party does not exist. And yet it continues to act.

“Those who do not understand war do not understand their own times.”

20 miles north of Sea-Tac International Airport is the city of Seattle. A sprawling metropolis, Seattle encompasses many separate towns into its body. All are connected by vast boulevards that stretch endlessly into the distance. In the core of this metropolis, nestled on a slope overlooking the water of Eliot Bay, are the skyscrapers of Downtown. The black Bank Of America stands the tallest of them all, casting its shadow over the chilly canyons of concrete and glass.

On February 4th, 2009, less than a week after the first lasering of an airplane, a man walked into a bank. It was a Washington Mutual bank at the time. It has since been bought out by Chase. The bank was in the heart of Downtown. At 3:30 pm, a nicely dressed man walked up to a teller and placed a bag on the counter. He informed the teller that he had a bomb and demanded an unknown amount of money. Once he had been given the money, he told the teller that he could activate the bomb with his cell phone and instructed the teller to wait a certain amount of time before calling the police. The nicely dressed man then fled on foot, disappearing into the metropolis. When the police arrived they cordoned off that part of Downtown, paralyzing it for what remained of the day. Two robots were sent in to handle the bag. When the bag was inspected, the police discovered that there was no bomb inside. The nicely dressed man was not captured. The robbery faded into the collective memory of those who work and frequent Downtown Seattle.


“Here, the protagonists move on such perfectly strange planes, one from the other, that they do not meet except at very rare points of intersection, and everything accounted for, by the whim of a certain chance.”

Much like Downtown Seattle, Downtown Tacoma is perched atop a hill overlooking the water. Its skyscrapers hang over the Port Of Tacoma and the Northwest Detention Center for illegal immigrants. On the weekdays, during the lunch hour and after 5 pm, the Downtown is bustling with activity. People taking a break from school at UW Tacoma, people catching the bus home from a day working in a bank, people waiting to bum a cigarette. But in the late hours and on the weekends, there is hardly any activity in Downtown Tacoma. The streets are lifeless and dead, save for the crowds exiting and leaving the few bars. When no one is working, the skyscrapers hang pointlessly over a deserted kingdom.

On October 8th, 2009, a man walked into the Bank Of America on the corner of 9th and A in Downtown Tacoma. He carried a concealed pistol and a bag. He approached the teller and informed them that he had a bomb which could be detonated by his partner outside. He gave the teller 10 minutes to fill a bag with cash. While the bag was being filled, another Bank Of America employee called 911. When the man left with 73,000 dollars, he found himself surrounded by police officers, all pointing their guns at him.

After being disarmed and arrested, the police found harmless blasting caps in the bag he brought into the bank. The man did not give his name to authorities. When they tried to fingerprint him, the authorities found he had super-glued his fingertips. While robbing the bank, he had worn a false goatee. The man eventually told the police he was Patrick Henry, the name of the man who originally coined the phrase “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.” It took several days for the authorities to determine his true identity.


His name is Michael Fenter. He is 40 years old. The father of 3 children, he lived near Port Townsend at the Compass Rose Farm with his wife Kateen Fenter and her mother Bev. He graduated from the Northwest School Of Wooden Boatbuilding and worked at the Sea Marine in Port Townsend. His wife says he is not much of a farmer, but his carpentry skills were put to use at the farm and the income from his job at Sea Marine kept the Compass Rose going.

In January of 2009, Fenter quit his job at Sea Marine and began working for someone in Oregon. After the arrest of her husband, Kateen called her husband’s boss and confirmed that he had been coming in to work. When Michael was arrested, he was supposed to have been out of town, working at his job. Kateen first learned of his arrest when an FBI agent called her and said her husband had been arrested for bank robbery.

The FBI are now saying that Michael Fenter is accused of robbing the Seattle Washington Mutual in February, a San Francisco Bank Of America in April and a Sacramento Wells Fargo in August. He is currently being held in the Sea-Tac Federal Detention Center. Kateen and her mother Bev have since closed the gates of the Compass Rose farm to the media. They have yelled at camera crews, telling them to “Get the hell out of here!” The Fenter family have appealed to their community to help them through Michael’s indefinite absence.

“Each day makes a little more clear, in spite of the growing obscurity, the mournful profile of civil war where no one knows who does and does not fight, where confusion is limited by death alone; where nothing is assured, in the end, but worse to come.”


Port Townsend is a small Victorian town perched at the end of the Quimper Pennisnsula. The town has a population of 9,000. The number is perhaps smaller. It is surrounded by the waters of the Juan de Fuca strait and the Olympic Mountains. There is a food co-op in Port Townsend that has sold produce grown on the Compass Rose farm. The co-op serves as a central hub for many people in a town that is very small and perched at the end of the world.

On the nearby cliffs are the bunkers left over from WWII. In fear of a potential Imperial Japanese invasion, the military poured concrete along the edges of the cliffs and pointed artillery at the water. Now, the bunkers are empty shells filled with shadows, graffiti and water. To the south of Port Townsend is the Bangor Trident Base. The Trident submarines which dock here carry nuclear weapons inside their dark husks. They are guarded night and day. There are enough warheads in one submarine to obliterate the entire Olympic Peninsula twice over.


South of the Trident Base is the city of Bremerton. The city is built wholly around the Naval Station and many people from Bremerton have spent their lives working at the shipyard. At one point, the local government tried to market Bremerton as a convenient place for Seattle commuters to live. The metropolis of Seattle is only a short ferry ride away, and it was hoped that money would begin to pour into the traditionally working class city. But the craze never caught on and the gentrifiers largely remained where they were, across the water in Seattle.

40 miles south of Seattle is Fort Lewis, the largest army base in the area. There is not a town in the entire region which does not have a soldier living in it. On the bus there is someone just returned from Iraq, gazing intently at an Ipod screen they do not want to look up from. Signs discouraging soldiers from committing suicide can be seen on every bus. For years now, people have been returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, telling stories, dying, killing each other, surviving. The person behind the cash register killed seven people in Iraq. The girl driving a Mazda down the street knows how to fly a helicopter. Everyone in the bar knows how to assemble and disassemble an M-16 rifle. There are military daughters who have lost fathers. There are military husbands who have killed their wives. Fort Lewis has employed much of the local population. Its lands stretch out underneath Mount Ranier, standing 14,411 feet over the the area. Within the expanses of second growth trees, soldiers learn to endure physical and psychic stress. They learn to kill while crouching in the ferns and to die while running through the grass.

The military blots the landscape like a cancer.


“There are moments where one already lives as if this world no longer existed. During these times, and as a confirmation of this bad omen, we see the despairing tensing and contractions of a world that knows it is to die.”

On October 22nd, 2009, a man walked through a parking lot near the city auto yards in Seattle. Some workers at the yards, alarmed by his presence, decided to approach him. As they began to speak, an explosion happened nearby. As the flames erupted, the man sprinted away. Shortly after this, there were more explosions. Later in their investigation, the authorities were to find an American flag at the scene of the crime, along with a note condemning the police and eluding to future attacks. This act took place on the national day against police brutality. There were no developments in the pursuit of the bomber. The Seattle Police Department kept the warning of future attacks a secret, even from its own officers.

On October 31st, Halloween Night, a white car drifted up and down the streets of the Central District in Seattle. The car drove aimlessly, the driver looking for something. Up ahead, the driver spotted a police cruiser that was pulled over along the side of the road, its light flashing. As if it was the future, three minutes too early, the car pulled up alongside the cruiser. A muzzle flash lit up the white car. The second cop suddenly found their partner dead and the white car speeding away, leaving behind an American flag which fluttered to the ground.

The police and mainstream-media immediately classified the murder as an assassination. What information was available was televised across the entire region. Slowly, details emerged about the note left at the scene of the car arson. It was only ever made public after the cop was killed. A manhunt began for the assassin. The description of a white car was made public and the mainstream-media filled their pages and broadcasts with lamentations over the dead ‘hero.’

A memorial for the assassinated cop was held on November 7th. Hundreds of cops from as far as Olympia traveled to the city to be part of the grand procession down the streets of Seattle. A long line of cruisers flowed down the street, ending their spectacle at the Key Arena. The mainstream-media heavily covered this event, reminding everyone that this was a loss for the ‘community,’ that everyone was meant to grieve for the fallen cop, that his death was an attack on ‘society.’

“It is a constant temptation, in effect, to conceive the positive existence of the Imaginary Party under the familiar species of the guerrilla, of civil war, of partisan warfare, of a conflict without a precise front or a declaration of hostilities, without armistice or peace treaty.”

On the same day, in the city of Tukwila just south of Seattle, three cops approached an apartment complex. They were responding to a tip that a white Datsun had been parked in front of the complex and had recently been covered in a tarp. The tip also revealed that the owner of the car had been acting strangely.

The cops waited to ambush the owner of the car. When he appeared, they left their cruisers and approached him. He immediately fled, stopped and pointed a handgun at them. When he pulled the trigger, there was no discharge. The man continued running and was soon shot, one of the bullets passing through his mouth.

He did not die, but is now paralyzed from the waist down. His name is Christopher Monfort. He is 41 years old. He most recently worked as a security guard. Before that he had a job driving trucks but was laid off. His boss said that he had been a diligent, hard worker. Christopher had attended the Highline Community College in De Moines, just south of the Sea-Tac airport. When he began, he had aspirations of being a police officer. He enrolled in the schools Administration of Justice program and later went on to get his BA at the University of Washington in March, 2008. While there, he began working on a program to encourage jurors to find black dependents not guilty for any non-violent crimes. He later worked with incarcerated youth at the juvenile hall, teaching them about the criminal justice system and encouraging them to remain outside of it. Every who knew Christopher described him as affable, outgoing and deeply concerned with the erosion of citizen’s liberties.

After he was taken to a hospital in critical condition, the police searched his Tukwila apartment. They found the walls surrounding his front window lined with stacks of car tires, as if he had been expecting a shootout. Two rifles and several bombs made from gas cans were also inside, leading the authorities to believe that, had Christopher not been discovered, he would have struck more targets.

When the full text of the note he left at the scene of the car bombings was released, the public discovered that Christopher began his actions in response to the beating of a 14 year-old girl. She had been beaten by a King County Sheriff named Pail Schene while in the Sea-Tac jail. One sheriff beat her while Travis Bruner watched, doing nothing to stop his partner. The beating had been caught on security camera and then released to the public several months after the fact. The sheriff who beat her was fired, the other was punished but remained with the King County Sheriff. The note that Monfort left near the bombed vehicles reads:

“These Deaths are dedicated to Deputy Travis Bruner, he stood by and did nothing, as Deputy Paul Schene Brutally beat an Unarmed 14 year old Girl in their care. You Swear a Solemn Oath to Protect US from All Harm, That includes You! Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals. We Pay your bills. You work for US.”

Monfort timed his bombs to go off at intervals. The first explosion was meant to lure police to the scene. The following explosions were meant to kill whoever was in the area. The only reason this did not happen was because Christopher had been spotted and the people who had seen him warned everyone in the area that someone had intentionally bombed the vehicles. He had meant to kill as many cops as he could.

“It is of this and exclusively of this that one speaks of without stop, because it is that which each day makes a little more visible the failures of the proper functioning of society. But one keeps from pronouncing its name…as one fears to invoke the devil.”

A mile south of Tacoma, near the northern edge of Fort Lewis, is the McChord Air Force Base. Every day, military planes take off and arrive in an endless circle. Across the street from the northeastern corner of the base is the Forza coffee shop. The coffee shop is a regular haunt of cops from Tacoma and Lakewood. They arrive in groups, order coffee and browse the web during their breaks.

On November 29th, 2009, four Lakewood police officers entered the Forza and ordered coffee. They sat down at a table together and began working on their laptops. A man in jeans and a black jacket walked into the Forza. He walked past the cops and waited in line for coffee. When he reached the register, he opened his jacket, revealing a gun. The baristas ran away from the man as he turned around and opened fire.

He killed two of the cops immediately. The two remaining cops stood up. He shot one of them while the other drew their weapon. The assassin and the last remaining cop struggled, pushing and wrestling each other until they were outside the coffee shop. In the midst of the struggle, the assassin broke free from the cops grip. The cop shot the assassin, the assassin shot the cop. The cop died. The assassin fled to the south with a bullet wound below his navel.

The first day passed without the assassin being captured. The area around the coffee shop was closed off and K-9 units arrived to search the area. Once again, the police and mainstream-media classified the murders as assassinations. Later in the day, the police released the name and picture of a person of interest in the manhunt. The mainstream-media put his face on their websites and broadcasts. He was a 37 year old black male from Tacoma, just released from prison after being jailed for sexual assault on minor. He believed that he was Jesus, according to the media.

While the manhunt began for this self-proclaimed messiah, a procession for the assassinated cops was immediately organized. Whereas the procession for the cop assassinated in Seattle took a place a week after the fact, this procession took place the night of the incident. Hundreds of cruisers lined the streets of Lakewood, one of the most crime-ridden cities in the south Puget Sound region. Deathly afraid of anyone applauding the assassinations in an area generally hostile to the police, the procession imposed itself on the streets, shutting down traffic, forcing everyone to watch it. The pictures of the four cops were displayed on broadcasts and websites, immediately referred to as heroes.

Immediately after the murders, people began to call 911 and report false information. The cops were pulled one way by a bogus tip, bringing their sniper rifles and armored vehicles, only to be pulled another way. By the end of the night, after the procession of the corpses to the morgue, it was clear that the man was being hidden. Hundreds of tips continued to pour into the ears of the police. One of those tips lead them to a house in the Leschi nieghborhood, several blocks away from where the Halloween assassination took place.

The neighborhood was sealed off as the police besieged the house. For the entire evening and into the morning of November 30th, the state of exception ruled in Leschi. No one could move and everyone was told to stay inside as the police began gassing the house. Exasperated cops issued warnings, advice and commands through their megaphones, only to be met with silence. Eventually, the front door was blown open and a surveillance robot sent inside.

When Seattle awoke the next morning, newsreaders learned that the house had been empty the whole time. After stating that the man inside had probably bleed to death for his injury, the police had to admit they spent the evening locking down Leschi in order to attack a phantom. In their desperation, they followed another tip to the University Of Washington, leading them to detain and search a black male in a classroom. More false tips continued to come in. The police began to pull over city buses and draw their guns on the passengers. Rumors began to circulate. He was in Olympia, Lakewood, Tacoma. He was everywhere on November 30th.

On November 31st, a cop cruising through the Ranier Valley district of Seattle came upon a silver Acura on the side of the road with the hood open. The license plates matched those of an Acura that was reported as stolen only an hour earlier. The cop began filling out his paperwork on the stolen vehicle when he saw a man walking down the street towards the car. The cop got out of his car and told the man to stop walking. The man did not stop. Soon, he was dead.

On November 31st, a cop cruising through the Ranier Valley district of Seattle came upon a silver Acura on the side of the road with the hood open. The license plates matched those of an Acura that was reported as stolen only an hour earlier. The cop began filling out his paperwork on the stolen vehicle when he saw a man walking down the street towards the car. The cop got out of his car and told the man to stop walking. The man did not stop. Soon, he was dead.

His name was Maurice Clemmons. His youth was spent in prison. At one point he ran a landscaping business in Tacoma. His house was covered in security cameras and he was known for his spectacular Christmas displays. Six days before he killed the four cops, Maurice had been bailed out of jail. He was charged with raping a minor. After his release from jail, he told a small circle of friends that he was going to kill cops and that they should watch the TV.

After running from the Forza coffee shop with a bullet wound below the navel, Maurice was taken to safety by a small network of people. His sister bandaged his wound, his friends gave him keys to cars and cellphones. Maurice was transported to a house in Seattle. After getting word that the police were coming, he slipped out just before the siege in Leschi began. Maurice stayed ahead of the police until he was forced to steal a car. For two days he carried himself with a gunshot wound but remained determined to live. In that stolen Acura, he pulled over to vomit or piss or fix a problem with car. No one can say what he was doing, or where he was going to go next. Maurice died with a gun he had stolen from one of the cops he assassinated. The cop who killed him is now being lauded as a hero.

“Their form is that of an hostility with no specific object, of a fundamental hatred that wells up, without respect for any obstacle, from a most unreachable interiority, from unaltered depths where humans maintain a veritable contact with themselves. That is why there emanates from them a force that all the chatter of the Spectacle cannot manage to hold back.”

There is nothing connecting these incidents together. They are isolated not only because the media and the authorities have insured their isolation, but because they did not know each other. No one will be able to discover a secret code being passed between the actors in these incidents. There are no secret communiques or instructions from a central committee. But taken together, these incidents reveal how only a select few actors are necessary to throw authority into a blind, helpless spasm.

What is held in common between the actors described above is a potent disregard for everything. Shooting a laser at a plane meant nothing to the actors, nor did blowing up police cruisers or shooting cops in the head. What once mattered stopped mattering to them. And in their acts of negation they rose to a common disregard, their acts suddenly becoming positive. They robbed for their family and their farm. They ran to stay alive. They killed to avenge a 14 year old girl. They shot lasers at planes just for fun. In their disregard, they joined the Imaginary Party.

The Imaginary Party cannot be attacked by the police because it does not exist. It is made up of every actor who, intentionally or not, undermines authority at every level. When they are caught, actors in the Imaginary Party are made into isolated individuals, insane deviants who are to be quickly disposed of. Authority cannot admit the existence of the Imaginary Party for one reason: the Imaginary Party is just another word for the population. And the population is never allowed to be against authority.

The media will only acknowledge the absolute positivity of authority, never the silent negativity of the population. Screens are filled with images of candlelight vigils and pictures of patriots saluting hearses. The countless, unseen people who die amongst the population do not have front page funerals. Only that which is sanctified and approved by authority is given the title of ‘hero’ and remembered as such. Everything else is left to obscurity and isolation.

There has always been a constant level of activity from the Imaginary Party, but recent events indicate that something has altered. The level of disregard in the actors is increasing, just as the fear in the guardians of order is increasing. Everything is proving to be fragile and easily thrown into disorder. This fragility is televised on the nightly news and printed on the front page of the newspaper. With each new incident, power reveals its desperation, weakness and fear. It knows that its worst enemy, the Imaginary Party, lives in its own body, growing like a translucent cancer.

-Olympia, December 4, 2009